Water Damaged Furniture and Contents

Many of your valuable items can be saved if treated early

Our dedicated response teams are available around-the-clock to help minimize water damage to your furniture and contents items; the Leader Restoration advantage combines our team's professional know-how with state-of-the-art equipment and restorative products.

When you have been subject to a water damage situation and contents items have been affected, Leader Restoration’s professional team of restorers will make the whole restorative process easier for you by restoring those contents that can be salvaged; in some circumstances we will remove your affected contents to a secured facility for detailed restorative cleaning, and re-instate them on completion.

In the event of items that have been damaged beyond repair, we can still make your experience easier by listing, pricing and disposing of these items, to ensure that mould growth does not occur, contaminating other un-affected items in your home. Any non-washable clothing or fabrics can be taken off site for traditional dry cleaning or specialised cleaning processes.

If your home requires building repairs or you choose to take the opportunity to renovate areas of your home in the meantime, our warehouse facilities provide for a safe storage option for your repaired contents and furniture; our technicians will even pack up, remove and re-instate your items on completion.

24 Hour Emergency Response call 0412 196 765